We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work in making our wedding so wonderful. We absolutely loved having you are our celebrant, and had so many compliments about you! You did an amazing job!
— Annie and Tim
On first meeting Laura, my husband Antonio and I instantly recognized that she was the right celebrant for us. Her warm and friendly personality and professional approach made it a no-brainer.
We loved collaborating with Laura on the ceremony which was so personal and very ‘us’ and was one of our absolute highlights from the wedding day.
We received many positive comments and compliments from our friends and family about Laura and this is why we would absolutely recommend her to anyone.
— Dan and Antonio
Laura made the whole process easy for us and guided us through all the formalities as well as helped us to make this our own unique event.

All along it was obvious that she was taking almost as much joy in our Wedding as we were ourselves. We’re glad to say that not only has she been a great celebrant but she has become
a true friend!
— Nick and Frank
We spent the entire evening with our friends and family positively gushing about how amazing you are, and how much they adored the ceremony. So many of them told us that it was the best, most special ceremony that they have attended.
— Tim and Mark
As mother of one of the grooms can I say what an amazing job you did in managing the laughter, the tears and the cheers. You told their story and managed every aspect from rehearsal to the big day. I know from the boys you worked to know them and it felt like a friend was marrying them.
James Simmons Photography Fine Art and Wedding Photography

James Simmons Photography Fine Art and Wedding Photography

Laura really took the time to understand our relationship before writing our ceremony. When she had drafted it and sent it to us for our feedback we were blown away by how personally tailored it was to our story. Every time I read it, I would cry!
— Adele and Simon
Our ceremony was a mix of laughter, tears and inside jokes which truly reflected our relationship. Laura assisted us both in writing our vows and made sure she understood us both as individuals in order to write the perfect ceremony.
— Meagan and Jake
Super organised and inventive, Laura effortlessly guided us throughout the planning process and ensured we had a blast along the way. Laura will always hold a special place in our hearts for delivering an incredible ceremony!
— Emily and Steve